July 30 2014, 2pm


This is a Beta. 
In the final product, expect more bears. 


This is a Beta. 

In the final product, expect more bears. 

July 30 2014, 2pm

Naoto Shirodizzle by Reuben Fucks Up || Times played:588


"I finally be thinkin I can accept mah dirty ass. That I’m a biatch… That I haven’t yet become tha detectizzle I wanted ta be… I… I be a biatch… n’ a thugged-out detective. One whoz ass is seekin tha real deal wit you n’ tha others."

—Naoto Shirogane, Persona 4

I ran Naoto’s MegaTen Wiki page through Gizoogle and decided to act it out, I suppose. It was horrible.

July 30 2014, 2pm

Is this Animal Crossing?

Is this Animal Crossing?

July 30 2014, 2pm



The other most important mod “The Bears Are In” development has begun!

July 30 2014, 1pm


[Images: A comic about a girl who had a dream where a man told her how to make 1000 paper stars and get a wish. Unlike most kids, who would’ve started right away, she only made a star when she felt lonely or sad. It helped, for some reason. We see her growing up, with no close friends, and the jar of paper stars filling more and more quickly as she gets older. Eventually, on a night where her mother missed her birthday because she had to work late, the girl makes the 1000th star. The man from her dream appears and says he can take her away from this life where she’s invisible, but she simply invites him in to talk with her, because she doesn’t need “to run away from problems or a white knight”, but she just wants a friend.]



Full version of my comic Counting Stars, which I drew for a competition.

This is kind of really beautiful


July 30 2014, 12pm

OK, skimmed through the two books I bought:

*) “P3xP4 World Analyze” is expressedly non-canon, saying on the final page that the information is gathered from canon material (like the Fanbooks), but that’s it. It’s still gonna be a great read, especially for the Nyx stuff, which is a nutshell version of what was given in the P3 Fanbook. Very useful.

*) I skimmed over Fog’s Amnesia, and it seems not only competently written, but also sad as all hell. I really, really wanna translate this, especially seeing how it prominently features my two favorite characters, Yosuke and Teddie. Well, especially Yosuke.

July 30 2014, 9am

I also got this. 

"Persona 4 - Fog Amnesia" 

It’s a (non-illustrated) light-novel about the founding members of the IT exploring the TV World on their own without the protagonist, which leads into Yosuke chasing after a figure resembling Saki. The tagline on the cover is "Even if it’s a Shadow, I don’t want to lose Senpai ever again."

I have only skimmed it so far, but it looks like this story explains what happened to the Shadows of the two murder victims. 

With books like these, it’s always hard to tell if they’re canon or not, since, unlike the Drama CDs, they’re not written by the dev team, but even if it’s just licensed fanfiction, it’s still gonna be a nice read. Plus, the author of this one, Kenichi Fujiwara, has a good reputation as far as I know. 

If I end up liking this book, I might make an attempt to translate it. 

July 30 2014, 8am

I bought a book called “Persona P3XP4 World Analyze”, which was written around the time the first P4 Anime aired. 

It’s basically an in-depth analysis of the Persona Universe starting with P3 and its connections of analytic psychology and the symbolism and Character Arcs. I don’t think it’s Canon, since it’s not published by the same publisher as the canon supplementary materials (it’s still got the Index/Atlus Logo, though, so it’s official merchandise) and doesn’t seem to be written by any sort of representative of the development team, but it’s an incredibly interesting analysis of the cosmology and I am always curious to see what other people’s take on this stuff is.

As you can imagine, I looked at what this book has to say about Teddie first (hah) and there was surprisingly a lot. The perspective offered here is that Teddie was born from an accumulation of emotions of the collective of people who watch TV. I guess that would imply then that most people who watch TV are secretly lonely and need a better love-life *laugh*. In all seriousness, though, this has always been of one of the better theories floating around about Teddie, even if it does not explain a number of things, and this book, too, admits that there are holes in the theory. For example, the author admits that there is absolutely no explanation for Teddie’s ability to independence thought and to when it occurred. Well, then again, this book was written before P4G… I wonder if the author’s views have changed since then? I’d love to talk to them. 

The book has a number of stuff about Nyx too… I’m curious to see if it’s gonna be in-line with what the official P3 Fanbook (which is canon, as far as I know) said. 

July 30 2014, 2am

「The Reason」- [ Drabble ]


It was always difficult for Aegis to accept being disallowed from Tartarus missions, but at times it did happen. Whether it was the nature of the mission or a problem with her own functions, she found days where she was simply shut out of operations.  This, the android felt, was entirely unfair.

Alone in the dorm, she had little to quell her concern for the others. Perhaps they were in danger at this very moment.  Despite what reason might be given for nights like these, Aegis could never shake the idea that perhaps she was at fault. If only she had done something better today, perhaps she could have gone along. Maybe if she had sounded more determined or moved a bit faster. She should have tried harder to please her humans.


These things were enough to keep her awake late into the night worrying over what she was doing wrong. The darkness, it seemed, was an enabler of that sort of thought. It always took her by surprise when the sun came up. The strange sensation of mental weariness superimposed over a full battery gauge left her in a slight fog.  The only clarity she found was in the return of her friends who, one by one, would find time to smile and greet her.

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July 30 2014, 1am

There is now a tag called “Neni Explains Names" on my blog for your reading convenience because the name analyses got so popular.

I will be off and buy myself some Takoyaki, because I live an unhealthy, unhealthy life.