September 21 2014, 8pm


2076 words. “Seta Souji, at the ripe old age of ninety-nine, had passed away quietly in his sleep.”

I started this fic when P4A first came out and just now finished lmao

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It’s so hard to find good fanfic of Labrys and Teddie, so this made me incredibly happy. 

September 21 2014, 9am

I am going to see Guardians Of The Galaxy now, see you later. 

September 21 2014, 9am

In response to the rant, I think there are also fans who use the whole 'P4Ever' thing to simply joke around, since I've seen several fans who still like P4, but agree with others that it's lasted too long, and they just want to see a completely new change of pace with P5. Either that or they just like being snarky bastards.

See, I disagree with the “lasted too long” part, though. I have been in many fandoms that have had to wait much longer between numbered installments than the Persona Fandom had to between P4 and P5. In fact, do you know which gap was bigger than the gap between P4 and P5? The gap between P2 and P3. The series was defacto *dead* after P2, and that for a whole decade before it was revived! Except, because the main writer went M.I.A. after P2, there wasn’t any new material during that whole decade, leaving the fandom to continously decline, until they had to bring out a friggin’ sum up book with P3, in order to remind people that Persona even existed and what it was about. Would that really have been the better thing to let happen after P4? Never mind that Atlus fate after Index’ downfall might very possibly have looked very, VERY different if it hadn’t been for P3’s and P4’s heavy merchandising.

It’s OK and even completely valid to be not interested in the merchandising, to ignore it and to just not care. That’s totally cool. But spewing hate and toxin over a healthy fanbase and being a “Stop having fun”-guy to everyone who *wants* to enjoy these things is just childish and unreasonable. You know why PQ is set in a Time paradox? So it can be canon, but people who don’t care for it still won’t have to worry about it. Same about the plots for P4U(2) and possibly P4D. They are canon, but you don’t have to worry about them! They are not required for you to enjoy the main series! Nobody is forcing you to buy them! I would like to enjoy my fandom without the continuous whining about “problems” less important than the dirt under my fingernails, thank you. 

September 21 2014, 8am

Sorry to bother you, Neni, but I'm having trouble typing Cloud Strife (if you haven't played FFVII, sorry!). People seem torn between ISTP and INFP. I think he's an INFP wearing an ISTP mask; Crisis Core seems to prove that to me. But still some people insist he's an ISTP. What do you think?

Ohhhhh, boy, Cloud is a hard one. You see, his entire arc is about “self discovery” in the terms of questioning and finding identity, so his portrayal varies between parts of the game and it’s hard to see at which points he is acting out of his own confusion and where it’s really the most basic levels of his inner workings shining through. Even more confusingly, his portrayal varies vastly from game to game to the point that some people have it described as “Squall and Cloud switching personalities in supplementary material.”

So, yeah, typing Cloud is probably hell, since you need to figure out at which point exactly you want to type him. It also doesn’t help that I never really finished FF7. ;_; I am sorry. 

September 21 2014, 8am

Hey Neni! Wanted to ask do you think we will get yukiko and naoto for DAN? They havent made any mention of them at all but I would expect the whole investigation team.

I am sure Yukiko and Naoto will at very least be unlockable. It’s possible Naoto is absent during the main story because of her job and, (slight spoilers) P4U2 mentions that in order to take over the inn, Yukiko will eventually have to absolve some training practicums outside Inaba. That might explain why Naoto and Yukiko are nowhere to be found so far. 

September 21 2014, 8am

The only thing I'm disappointed in DaN is that Teddie didn't get a super dumb costume. OH WAIT-

I am still convinced the game is gonna have tons of unlockable costumes and dancers and we’ll end up being able to put Yu, Yosuke and Human!Teddie into Sailor Suits and make them dance the Hare Hare Yukai or something like that~ :-3c

September 21 2014, 8am

I actually don't mind P4Ever. Hell, I don't like dungeon crawling and I would get horribly lost trying to 100% it without a massive walkthrough. A rhythm game though? Fucking love the shit out of those bastards. Even though I don't have a Vita or a 3DS, I'm super pumped for DaN and Q. I've been desperately searching for P3/4 merchandise at my local cons and even have an entire bookmark for the P stuff I would get. So I say, horray! P4Ever!

While I do believe that the production of the current installments has probably suffered from the Persona Team only being human, and making four games at once is really quite insane, I am really happy about all the stuff we’re getting. You can feel the love in all of it, even when flaws caused by the stressed production do show, and I especially love the hell out of PQ. In fact, I’m considering to buy Etrian Odyssey, just because of PQ now. 

Sure, a larger gap between the individual installments would probably have helped, but that would have meant delaying P5 even further, and it seems Hashino really didn’t want to do that. The guys’ got a lot of creative power, one has to give him that. 

Atlus and especially the Persona Team really don’t deserve all the shit the fans are giving them for working themselves to the bones to put out so much quality content and even doing so in a way that allows as many different people as possible to get a piece of the cake. The recently released games are not interconnected in a way that means that you *need* one to understand the other, which means 3DS players don’t have to worry about getting P4D or P4U2 to enjoy PQ, and same goes the other way around. It’s not like the KH Franchise, where not having one game leaves you clueless about all of the others.

When has output become a bad thing? Especially when nobody is even remotely making you buy it, not even through canon-lockout? I don’t understand what is going on in the heads of some “fans”. 

September 21 2014, 8am

Neni, you just gotta realise that haters are gonna hate - that's just what they do! At this stage most people are aware that ATLUS really should be milking its most popular games to build up funds, so the hatedom just an emotive response like "but I don't like it!" And no one can *make* them like P4 - it's objectively a very good game, but it (like everything) is not to everyone's tastes. That's just how it goes. :) People also seem to simply get tired of popular things - look at FFVII!

It’s not that I am not aware that “Haters Gonna Hate”. And they are entitled to dislike the game, no question. The problem is that they are invading the tags with negativity to the point that everyone checking the tags is infused with a deeply negative image of the entire franchise, which has already hurt the fandom immensely. And what’s worse, the haters being so vocal and the actual fans being so quiet leads into an image of the franchise being painted in the tags that lets sheep mentality kick in, people begin to think they are wrong about looking forward to the games or liking P4 or even P3 and eventually lose their passion for it for no other reason than hate floods. You may think I am being paranoid about this, but I have seen this happening in other fandoms. What you see in the tags changes a LOT about how people perceive the actual franchises, because people tend to absorb things they read uncritically. So I feel it is necessary to periodically present a counter-perspective to remember fans that, no, they are not wrong about liking these things, what is happening is not a purely negative development and Atlus has not “objectively” *betrayed* us. Writing counter posts like these and putting these or other positivity towards the franchise in the tags is the only way to keep the fandom health, which has already deteriorated immensely, high. 

In fact, I encourage all other fans to do the same. Keep *hate* OUT of the tags and put love *IN*. Only like that we can start enjoying our fandom tumblring again. 

September 21 2014, 8am

Would you play/buy/watch a Catherine Game/Stage Play/Anything if it has: Kanji as Vincent, Naoto as Katherine, Rise as Catherine, Yosuke as Toby, and Chie as Erica? Now who would be Johnny, Orlando and Trisha? I'm thinking Yu, Akihiko, and Margaret or Yukiko, respectively. And instead of sheep it'll be Teddie's.

Pffff, as a voice actor joke, maybe, but really, I know Catherine is a good game. I just didn’t play it because the subject matter isn’t my forte. Something Persona related wouldn’t exactly change that, but it’d make me curious, I admit. :’D

September 21 2014, 8am

Even tho its unlikely to say the least, but i actually do wish for Dojima to become somehow involved in P4U2. perhaps even as a Playable DLC character. (maybe with his own Persona as i sincerely doubt he'd summon Nanako as Arc Systems joked) if this should happen how in what Way would you think Dojima be involved in P4U2? im sure it would certainly make Adachi's appearance more interesting with Dojima there. and should he get his own, What sort of Persona do you think fits him the best?

Dojima isn’t a Persona User, obviously, but if he were, his Persona would have to be a rather stern, steadfest figure. Staying with Japanese mythology, I am thinking around the lines of Hachiman, albeit that’s only a quick idea now based on his personality. 

Again, as I have already played P4U2, I will withhold any statements about the plot, sorry.