October 1 2014, 6pm

Hi Neni! So I'm aware that you're wary of this topic but I wanted to let you know that there's this amazing seinen manga called Yuureitou that reminds me of Persona because of the people were completely disappointed or rubbed the wrong way by Naoto's arc because they feel that Naoto should have been a trans male. In this manga, a mystery, the central character is a trans male. Although there's fanservice on some of the covers (which is odd), this manga not only covers issues of gender id (c)

gender roles through some of the other characters, (Japanese) feminism, sexuality and orientation, post-war Japanese issues, drug use, and more. This manga is a horror mystery manga that revolves around a ghost tower (like the name suggests), kind of like P3. Although I’m not qualified to give my opinion on how this manga handles trans issues, I have seen trans people describe it as a manga that gets the psychological and societal aspects of gender identity issues. There’s even bi/pan/gay ppl. Anyway, the manga is relatively new and only a few people have read it so far. It’s kind of sad because I like how it handles the issues that I can speak on like how one of the characters experiences sexual harrassment on the streets when he disguises himself as a girl. It also has really nice art, and has a lot of really creepy illustrations (its a horror manga, after all). So if you could give the manga a signal boost, that’d be really, really awesome!

Short Version: Oh, looks cool! Sure, everybody, give it a look, I might too if I have time.

Long Version, under the cut for people who don’t want to deal with my ranting on a topic that only brushes my field of expertise, if at all.

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October 1 2014, 2pm

Now that you have played P4U2 which new character is your most favorite? and who is your best character to play as? and are you able to get the DLC even tho its a Japanese copy and your obviously not in Japan?

To be honest, Teddie is still my main. I have quite the taste for Yukari too, though. I tended to select her whenever possible in story mode. She’s the only sniper I can handle. Adachi and Rise are really fun to play too, tho.

While I haven’t gotten my hands on Marie and Margaret yet, I do have a way of downloading stuff from the Japanese PSN store…I made a Japanese PSN account, using the address of the dorm I lived in while I was in Japan. As long as the Universe doesn’t catch wind of it, I should be fine. :’D

Right now I can’t play at all, tho, since my sister kept the PS3 with her in order to play Beyond Two Souls - Which is an awesome game, but I still feel P4U2 deprived now. ;_;

October 1 2014, 1pm

"Tengaku" (Heavenly Music) - The Wagakki Band

This band covers Vocaloid Songs using traditional Japanese instruments. 

I can’t even describe how amazing a lot of their versions of these songs are. 

October 1 2014, 10am

Real talk, though, I have a vague hope that everyone is gonna get their own character songs for P4D. Yes, even Teddie. 

I am just a sucker for character songs. 

October 1 2014, 10am

hanamura-yosuke replied to your post “Whose recently revealed Dancing All Night outfit is your favourite? Kanji, Yosuke, or Chie’s?”

The correct answer is Yosuke’s :I

Don’t worry, Yosuke will be honored appropriately. I am planning on making him dance every single song meant for the girls on every difficulty. (If it’s a duet, I’ll let Yu join in.) :-3c

October 1 2014, 10am

Whose recently revealed Dancing All Night outfit is your favourite? Kanji, Yosuke, or Chie's?

Can I say that I love them all?

October 1 2014, 10am

*CHOKES* Teddie's nickname for Sho is "Minnie". The first thing I thought of was Minnie Mouse with Sho's face on it. :U

You have to admit, he’s getting more and more creative with his nicknames, tho. 

…Minnie. :’3c

September 30 2014, 4pm

Okay but seriously, based on first impressions of Sho, I don't see him as a villain of a great magnitude. At least no-Persona Sho. He seems more like a big man-child throwing a fit because he didn't get it his way. I dunno, but I almost feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

Sho isn’t a big villain, but his backstory is pretty interesting. Too bad the potential there wasn’t fully used. I won’t say too much, so people won’t be spoiled, but this is a character who would REALLY have benefited from some flashbacks that never ended up happening. 

Also, the Moral of the story is

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September 30 2014, 4pm

Teddie VS Sho in a King of the Puns match. Place your bets.

Teddie wins by virtue of his puns not being in morbidly bad taste. Usually.

September 30 2014, 4pm

I wish more people would read your blog, I like how you're promoting love instead of hate :) Anyway, I have another question that's been bugging me- when were the children experiments (Strega) held? I've read a fan translated version of an LN and it mentioned that Takaya and the other kids were sent to Tartarus for one experiment, so does that mean it was after Death escaped? But by then, wasn't Mitsuru's grandpa already dead? So doesn't that mean Mr Kirijo was heading the company by then?

I have to make one thing clear, Atlus has never made any statments wether or not the Light Novels are canon. The only things that appear to be canon are the Drama CDs, many of which used ideas that were later used in the games (Two specific examples from P3 and P4 comes to mind.) I also know that PersonaXDetective was originally supposed to be canon, but apparently the writer did a so horrible job adapting the scenario that Hashino handed them into novelized form that it was de-canon’d (albeit P4U2 still hints at its events, so it would seem Hashino still considers his scenario draft canon, just not the version the book’s author wrote out.)

As for your question more specifically, P4U2 actually answers this;

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